Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Would Tim really do that?


DC is currently in the middle of the Blackest Night event arc. And recently in this arc was a three-issue "Batman" sideline (I put Batman in quotes because, as you may know, Bruce is "dead" and Dick is currently in the Batsuit). In this sideline, Dick and Tim take time out to fight off their zombified, long-dead, black-lantern infected parents. And then we presume they go back to their regularly scheduled storylines...as noted by Tim in Red Robin #6, where during a fight with a fake-clawed Wolverine wannabe in Budapest he acknowledges "...after what I just went through in Gotham, [how this is going] is relative."

And therein is my quibble:

In Tim's current storyline as Red Robin, he is all over the place* searching for clues that tell him Bruce is alive. And in the course of this search, he's managed to get into a few scrapes--League of Assassins here, Council of Spiders there. And in the course of his travels, Lucius ("What was he thinking?") Fox sends his daughter to look for Tim, recent adoptee of Bruce's, who he thinks just ran away given the other tumultuous events going on in the wake of Bruce's demise.

Lucius' daughter, Tam, finds Tim and immediately gets caught in the middle of his scrapes. He takes her to "The Cradle," de facto headquarters of the League of Assassins, where he thinks she'll be safe until he gets out of his current situation....

And then he takes a break and goes back to Gotham to handle the re-animated dead parent thing. Leaving Tam in the middle of...Iraq? Budapest? in a cave, with known killers (and previously unknown even scarier killers). He left her behind. While he went back to Gotham. He even says that: "I left her there when I went back to Gotham to deal with the Black Lantern insanity."

Would Tim Drake really do that?

Events. Oh how they convolute the DC Universe.

*All. Over. The. Place. As in: I, the reader, have no idea where the story is taking place at any given time even though there are little bylines telling me. Tim's story jumps around so much it is beginning to make my head spin. It added interest at first, but now I am weary.