Sunday, October 5, 2008


So, as I said below, this week's Illustration Friday theme is "sugary." So here it is--sugary snow on a pine needle tuft hanging over the sugary syrup that humming-
birds love. I drew this with the help of a couple of pictures I took. The snowy pine needle tuft was in Gregory Canyon, Colorado in 1988. The hummingbird was drawn from a picture I took last summer--the same day as this one. My first thought for "sugary" was actually snow, but I wasn't sure how to draw it. I think it worked out. Maybe I still had snow and hummingbirds on my mind from last week's drawing for "packed."

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ArtSparker said...

Lovely Japanese watercolor aesthetic on this...And the juxtaposition of the hummingbird with the snowy branch is arresting.