Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soapy Traaaaails to You...

Radish looks so cute in gloves. And now having said that, I suppose I will have to continue to sleep with one eye open. Will the soapy trail lead to the lair? Will Garlic be spotted forever?

By the way, including "The Birth of..." which is now labelled correctly, this is finally Beware the Red Radish #100. {Confetti and party horns} Kind of exciting in a quiet geeky way.


Anonymous said...

Wow1 100 Red Radishes! I love this one! Long live red radish. How mysterious
-miss rodentia

Raindrop said...

And-just because I felt like counting- you have posted 183 posts over 3 years! Bravo! Just wait till you get to 200, and then we will have a party.