Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Pretty Peony

This is my first peony bloom ever. It's also the only bud on the peony this year. I am very excited. Also, my mock orange is finally going to bloom this year, too. Been waiting!

And this is my new favorite afternoon hangout. I moved some of my outdoor furniture around and this is a perfect spot for my table and chairs. Wish I'd thought of this a couple of years ago!
Ideally I'd rather have hardscape under the arrangement, but that is a project for later. (That's the mock orange farthest to the left by the fence.)


Julie Fillo said...

That is a pretty peony and your yard looks great!
I found this artist birder's blog I thought you might like. I found this particular post entrancing:

Mrs. Arnold said...

Your yard looks great!

Gillian said...

Thanks Mrs. A. Wish school were out so I could hang out in it more.