Monday, August 17, 2009

Fav Things: The Cats

While I was travelling this summer, the kitties went to stay with Mom and Dad. This has actually turned out very well, as they are much better behaved there than they are at home (unless there is something my parents aren't telling me). And even though I have ended up coming and going just as often while my brother's family is here, having the cats out there has been better for them, continuity-wise. Except....
Myrna has been under the weather for some time, and last week, she took an odd turn and just about did her own liver in, so she's been travelling back and forth with me getting round-the-clock attention. Poor Spot isn't very happy with this (he tries to be mad, but the need to snuggle always wins out). I just wanted to say that the cats are among my favorite things, no matter what (and many of you know exactly how much that what entails).
Spot loves to have his picture taken, and will usually produce some adorable pose or smiley face. Myrna, being black and squirmy, is almost impossible to photograph, but once in a while she'll acquiesce. Here is a favorite picture of both Spot and Myrna.

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Anonymous said...

really cute pics of the cats, when is red radish getting back from HIS vacation?????????
-Miss rodentia