Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am getting ready to take a roadtrip. Finally the sun will start shining here in my corner of the Northwest, and I am leaving for the toasty, humid midwest. Sigh.

In preparation for being away from the comforts of home, I got a new laptop and am currently attempting to sync my files with my old desktop. This has been a headache. Newer operating systems snub their noses at older ones. I really want to get my pictures and itunes transferred. I upgraded my paintshop program and I'm curious to see how coloring Radish works using it. And with the way things have been going lately, I'm anticipating a steeper learning curve than I would prefer.

FYI, I have a couple of Radishes that are currently uncolored. So stayed tuned. There is an incident coming up that I think is not entirely unexpected.

I also upgraded my car stereo (it was a tape deck/radio, and I own no tapes) for the trip. I have a book on cd to listen to (Craig Ferguson's American on Purpose), Italian to practice, and my iPod library to sing with. The stereo required three trips to the stereo store. They used a wrong antenna part which completely disabled any AM reception. I will be on the road for the World Cup finals, and it would be gutting if I couldn't listen. Still. Two trips too many.

I'm excited for the roadtrip, but the lead-up has been rife with little hurdles. The car stereo. Italy losing in the group stage of the World Cup. I accidentally erased my iPod. I broke one of my walking shoes, and for some reason Nordstrom couldn't get ahold of me to give it back. I had a negative experience with an Amazon seller (!) trying to get a copy of Craig Ferguson's book (sorry Amazon, Borders came through for me on this one). And the biggest one has been the whole computer transfer thing. But once I am on the open road, all those little irritations should melt away.

I hope.

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