Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Conundrum of a Feline Sort

It is innate behavior for cats to hunt, right? To chase the prey, whether it's a mouse or a yarn ball is preprogrammed. But what about the bed-making game? Every cat I have ever known plays the bed-making game. Strip the bed, and the cat will arrive within seconds to claim the mattress. Float the sheet above the bed and when it lands, there will be a feline-shaped lump or two under it. Where do cats get this urge? What purpose does it serve? Do other feline relatives have this innate behavior? If I invite a snow leopard into my bedroom, would the sheet float down on a snow leopard-shaped lump? (Assuming, of course, I wasn't already snow leopard dinner.) I ponder this every time I change the sheets and have to remove one or both of my cats repeatedly from the bed.

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