Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Poor, poor grapes. Perhaps a nest wasn't the best location for surveillance.
Coloring with black is very challenging. And yes, I'm still a little obsessed with the pantalooned crow.


Anonymous said...

The black works because the gray outline makes it pop--it must be a fluorescent kind of gray. Pantaloon Crow seems a very tidy kind of crow despite her bloomers--that nest has no trash in its makeup--where are the discarded plant tags, the scraps of shiny aluminum foil--though it would be distracting since the grapes themselves are small.

Gillian said...

The gray is how 'black' ink scans in. Its pixels are from the entire color spectrum. I used only blue for the black of the crow's body, so the outline both complements and contrasts with the crow which must make it seen flourescent. Kind of mind boggling. The gray of the crow's feet is actually a yellow-orange hue.

I noticed, but never really picked apart the idea of different blacks. Myrna is a brown black--an orange hue, but Spot's black is blue. Hmm.