Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just What I Need

New Dark Knight viral site: Clown Race. Once I figured out what I was doing, I made it easily to level 5 and won. I think the ticket part will come later, though...? I do not need this to distract me from working on my homework for the class I'm taking. I notice The Gotham Times has not yet been jokerized. I expect it will, though, and there will be another clue there. But then, why be predictable? If you don't cheat from the boards, like me, then eventually you'll find a color code to tap out on the spin wheel that gives you the ticket that leads you to a security cam with...static. There will definitely be more coming. People on the boards are insane, by the way. And they are the quintessential computer time-wasters. I...I am only a novice. Here's one of my cheat spots. If you're curious, click on the Why So Serious series and read about the puzzles. I haven't solved any of them on my own (not enough time and they are amazingly complicated!).

Workshop done! Free of school obligations! (except for this class I have to finish as quickly as possible)...(and I have to go in and clean off my desk so things won't disappear when they drag everything out into the hall to do the floors). Oh, never mind. I do get to sleep in tomorrow. Woohoo!

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