Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Superhero Junkie, c'est moi.

To celebrate the last day of school, I went to see The Incredible Hulk at noon instead of going to a colleague's house for the year-end party (too far to drive to have a drink, actually). This is the thoughtful version of Hulk smash. I enjoyed the relationships between the characters and the villain that necessitated Hulk smash it. I liked Iron Man better, though. Iron Man was really fun to watch--maybe because Tony Stark is less conflicted and more convicted in his invention of Iron Man. He embodies the "what if" factor I love so much about comics and sci-fi. Not that I don't go for the whole conflicted/angsty hero thing. Batman anyone?
So, anyway, go see The Incredible Hulk. (then go see Iron Man again!)

Tomorrow and Thursday I have 2 days of teaching workshop at school. Sigh. Makes the end of the year anticlimactic. I'm hoping to storyboard out the next several Radishes. I have a rough idea of the next 4 or 5, but haven't had a chance to put them on paper beyond sticky notes. Oh, and of course I'll be paying close attention to the workshop and will learn many valuable things that I will use in my classes next year.

The Gotham City Pizzeria site has a little treat. Ha! Gotham Cable News has commentary on the Dent election....30 days until The Dark Knight.

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