Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Illustration Friday's theme this week is clutter! I could have just snapped a picture of just about any part of the house for this one, but I drew a portion of the clutter in my head instead. Due to my pinched nerve, mousing is limited, so I only added a bit of color.

Limited mousing also means Beware the Red Radish is on a short hiatus. Bummer. I'm sure he's planning something dastardly...or just reading space cowboy romance novels.

And just an observation: mousing with my left hand makes me spell stuff wrong a lot more often. Why left-hand mouse-use affects my typing skills, I do not know.


Loni Edwards said...

Great job for having limited mousing capabilities :) Love the little bits of color pops here and there. Nice work!

Connie said...

No need to apologise! The lines in your drawing are great and I genuinely like the use of limited colour. Still, hope the pinched nerve improves; that can be awful.

Gillian said...

Thanks. Looking at it now, I think more color would have made it--ironically--more cluttered!