Sunday, September 28, 2008

Packed...Round Things

Mom suggested hummingbirds in their nest for this week's Illustration Friday theme of "packed." I liked the idea, but it made me think of other things compacted into a small area...things that are packed into their surroundings: a snowball in a mitten, a cat in its knitted bed, and hummingbirds packed into their tiny nest.

I had a pleasant weekend away from home. I went out to my parents' island home and then out the other direction to a friend's home near Mt. Rainier. It was a nicely quiet weekend. Quiet: like snow, or a napping cat, or hummingbirds sleeping off a sugary meal.


Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment Gillian. This is the first time I have done a picture for IF and I really enjoyed it! It is kind of relaxing not to agonise over something for too long. I love your idea of things packed into their surrounding and the way you have shown them.

Anonymous said...

Until I enlarged the picture, I thought there was only one hummingbird in the nest, so tightly are those two packed! I love the idea of Spot nestled in his hand-knit round nest and also the contrast between the bright red mittens and the icy white snowball. Very successfully packed, all of them. "Packed" also made me think of the way Cookie Grandma arranged fruit into canning jars--just go check the peaches on you shelf.

Gillian said...

Not long before I started participating in Illustration Friday--possibly the week before--the theme was "canned." Good for packed thing as well.