Sunday, November 23, 2008

Opinions Abound

Garlic is certainly being stubborn.
Side effects from the goo vapor? Or side effects from Dr. Valencia's "cure?"

Coincidentally, this week's Illustration Friday theme is opinion. I'm not sure this is exactly what I want to submit, but I think I'll go with it for now. I could draw a random student expressing his/her opinion of just how much he/she hates reading, because I sure heard that enough this week to have a pretty clear picture in mind, but Illustration Friday is supposed to be a relaxing departure from my non-hobby world. So there, random student, I can get away from you, and if you didn't hate reading so much, you could get away from me, too, because a good book is a great escape. Too bad you don't know that.

Oops, sorry. Random education rant. I guess we're all expressing stubborn opinions this week.


Heather T. said...

Cute comic!! And I totally get the rant, having been a lit prof myself (albeit mostly in French, though)... =)

Cathy said...

Sweet characters! I once started a comic strip about an apple called Gus Golden Delicious, and the comic in which he features would have been called 'Core'. Never really got off the ground, though!

Buskitten said...

Fab, fab, fab! This is really funny - great! I want more adventures of Garlic and Shallot! Brilliant!
Best Wishes,