Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm knitting a new poncho, but I think it looks pretty nice as a superhero cape for Spot. The red certainly complements his black and white fur.

It has been stressful at the job. And while that usually is fertile ground for many a Beware the Red Radish, I have been too tired to create/color and post. You will have to make do with your imagination and SuperSpot here.

Yesterday I went out for my first autumn gardening session: 4 layers of clothing, some tunes and a rain cloud. Gardening in the rain is incredibly peaceful. I wish I had more time to do the peaceful things.


Anonymous said...

That poncho looks nice.

Anonymous said...

nice poncho. does super spot have a tail? what powers does the heroic superspt have?

Gillian said...

SuperSpot has the power to warm up whomever he is sitting on, and also the power to make a dreary day much better.
And yes, he has quite a wooly tail!

The poncho is now partly dark purple, too.

Anonymous said...

How very cute!