Monday, March 2, 2009

Mary Had a Little Lamb!!

Here's the dress. 99.75% done-enough-for-school. I forget how slow I am at hand-sewing. Must include a slam on Jo-Ann Fabrics: For as big a store as they are, their fabric selection is very poor. In order to get something a little truer to the period, I would have had to make more of an effort and drive to another city. Nevertheless, it was a fun project for a one-day event.
The post title refers to one of the guesses for my character. I only have a handful of students who know who Jane Austen is. Now when they have to read Pride and Prejudice in a few years, they'll remember that crazy get-up Miss F. wore. Here are some other guesses: Princess. Mary Poppins. Batman's girlfriend. Charlotte Doyle (yay! Someone remembered a book we read last year!).
Our Assistant Principal came as one of the Three Musketeers. I don't know which, I can only remember d'Artagnan, who isn't one of the three. Fabulous. And one of the Science teachers came as Ms. Frizzle. Very few of my students came as book characters. My favorite was Nancy Drew, complete with magnifying glass.
Red Radish by Wednesday. I promise! Can Truffle really sniff out the villains?


Anonymous said...

Athos. Porthos. Aramis. Knowing who the 3 Musketeers are will someday help you win at Jeopardy! Your dress looks hugely successful and the day sounds like it was fun.

Raindrop said...

I like the color. I would have loved to see the Mrs. Frizzle costume! Maybe I would dress up as Rose, from East, by Edith Pattou. That is such a good book. I am thinking of brining it on our summer trip.