Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Subtract...and you have an addition. Or 3.

Rough pencil sketch this week. Been busy. Also been watching the eaglets hatch on Eaglecam (way over in WV). The third one finally hatched this morning. It's 2 days behind its siblings, so I hope it will be ok. And also I saw Mom eagle step on one of them. Kind of scary. Dad eagle must be thrilled, because he's brought enough fish to feed an army of hatchlings. Eaglecam is my zen break from pre-spring break students. And if we have time they get to look, too (otherwise they're too distracted to actually work).

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Gillian, I just love your avatar!!! It's so cute! This is a great sketch! I love eagles and the fact that you can see one it just awesome. I only get to see sparrows and don't get me wrong they are not as cool as eagles he he he he! This is cool. Thanks so much for stopping by on last week. I am creating and I have been away from the blog. I really appreciate you taking time to come by and leave a message. It means so much to me. Thanks so much!