Friday, April 3, 2009


Why are vacations so short? I feel like it's only been a 3-day weekend. I need more time! Today was the first (sort of) sunny day. I haven't done any gardening! I haven't done any knitting! I've only read 100 pages of Bleak House! I haven't even checked in on the eaglets today!

Yesterday Papa Eagle brought this live eel to the nest and it slithered away. He had to go after it. There's video of it on the blog, but here's a still of Papa returning with it to the nest. Fun for eaglets.

There is a sharp-shinned hawk in my neighborhood. I saw it wheeling overhead while I was waiting for the bus. I wonder where its nest is and if it's the same one that I've seen on many other occasions.

Why are vacations so short?

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Eagles are so beautiful.
I think vacations are short because this world forbids you to have lots of fun until it's June!!! Only I think you can have fun on the holiday weeks......
-Miss Rodentia