Monday, May 18, 2009


I deescovered your deelightful yard some time ago and have been eenjoying the seed that those messy sparrows fleeng to the ground. Not long ago you actually spoke to mee and seemed to toss some seed out just for mee and mee alone.

And now I have feegured out where you originate from, and I shall, from now on, be knockeeng at your weendow to ask for the seed that you so geneerously toss.

And here I am. Knockeeng. Breeng seed. Now. Leettle do you know, you are but one step in our deetermeenation to take over theeeee world.

Peegeons. Will. Rule.

(evil laughter echos through the yard)


Buskitten said...

Hahahahahahaha! Oh, this is brilliant! Sooo funny I nearly spat tea all over the monitor! Excellent, and pidgeons will indded one day take over the world - be afraid, be very afraid!

Anonymous said...

Check to be sure it is not a Band-Tail Pigeon (acceptable and desirable) instead of your pigeonicus domesticus (rats with feathers). Maybe you can get your pigeons and squirrels to share a table in a corner far far away from your feeders. Ha!

Gillian said...

Not a Band-Tail. It would have been a whole different post for the blog had it been a Band-Tail.

So, as Buskitten warns: be afraid!

Julie Fillo said...

I Laughed so hard at this. You are so weeety my friend.

Anonymous said...

I will look at the hoard of pigeons that descend on my yard each morning in a new light. So far though the pheasants scatter them to the surrounding trees.

Raindrop said...

What a great picture!! I love it! Next time, that peegeon will be back with his buddies! Wow, what a great post. Uh oh. Is that a squirrel at my window?? Ahh! Take cover!!!

Squirrel: Where nuts? You promise nuts, giant human thing with no gorgeeous tail!!