Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Continues to Sprung

I'm still watching the Norfolk, WV eaglets. It seems like only yesterday they were tiny little fluffballs tucked in a nest bowl. And now they are almost as big as their dad (at least I think that's dad, because dad has skinnier legs). They bounce up and down and stretch their wings. Poor things, it has been raining a lot and quite heavily in WV lately, so more often than not when I check on them, they have been soggy lumps. Eaglets here in the NW are still fairly newly hatched, so the comparison is pretty interesting.

Meanwhile, in my yard, a Black-Headed Grosbeak stopped in for a snack on his way to...? Maybe he'll stick around? And bring friends?


Buskitten said...

Wow! What beautiful and amazing photographs! How do you get so much detial Gillian? Telephoto lens? Fantastic shots!

Gillian said...

Thank you. I just use my little Sony Cybershot...but I have it on the 3:2 aspect ratio and the original size is 42" x 28", so when I want to crop down to something in the middle, it's still pretty clear. (The eagles are curtesy of the Norfolk Botanical Garden Webcam.) I left off the liner note for that. ;)

Raindrop said...

the eagle chicks are getting pretty big!