Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bootcamp Begins...and booty is stolen

Ferret and Squirrel didn't come out as menacing as I thought they should be. But I guess that's what this bootcamp is supposed to accomplish, so they have room to grow.

Two more chase stories were added to the Summer of Doors. Go check it out, awesome.

And now for a story of my own:

I really wish I'd been filming this with my camera, but by the time I realized how great that would have been, it was too late.
While reading the dedication bricks outside a historical museum yesterday, I caught sight of a small red ant dragging a yellow jacket carcass down the sidewalk. I was curious to know where he was going and how he was going to get it down a potential hole, so I watched. He dragged it half the width of the building and was just across the walk in front of the steps when he came to the newel post. Suddenly a spider darted out from under the post and grabbed the carcass. A tug-of-war ensued. For a minute it could have gone either way, but the spider won and stowed his booty under the post. The ant paced back and forth for a moment then darted under the post and took the carcass back, quickly dragging it out and trying to get away. The spider was having none of that. He came back out, and after a quick tug-of-war redux reclaimed the yellow jacket for himself. Enraged, the ant began to dismantle the spider webbing, working his way under the post and...disappeared, never to return.

It seems like there should be a moral to this story. Feel free to offer one up in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Radish does not seem intirely made out for that camp.

Perhaps he should fork the instructor.......

Miss Rodentia

Anonymous said...


dont be stupid

Gillian said...

Don't be stupid enough to drag your carcass past a newel post? Or don't be stupid enough to try to dismantle the web of a predator that's larger than you?