Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can of Frustrated Worms

The door leading into my garage has always had just a latch on the inside. I decided it was finally time to replace that with a doorknob. After all, this is my only direct access to the back yard from the house, and it would be nice to be able to open the door from the outside.
1. Drilling the hole. I was drilling over a smaller existing hole from the latch: nothing for the drill to hold onto: needed more patience than I had.
2. Excavating for the strikeplate. Not my neatest work: looks like Vlad the Impaler did it.
3. As you can see, the paint is not in the best condition. Scraping, followed by plans to paint.

It has turned into the Summer of the Door. I've already painted 3 doors and replaced one set of doorknobs. This little project was supposed to be limited to doorknob-only. But no.

4. I will have to actually strip this door in order to paint and not have it peel away next winter, because otherwise it will begin to chip next week. Stripping. takes. time. And more patience. Ugh.

Tomorrow I think I will just curl up with a good book, the cats and a big cup of coffee.

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