Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

I totally admit to scheduling this post in advance. But I also know it to be true.

It's almost 8 pm and I'm just now home from my day in Seattle. And it was so awesome! First of all, Amy and I inadvertently ended up first in line. Really. By accident. And I still can't believe it. Plus we'd only been waiting for about 20 minutes before they let everyone down the ramp to wait and everyone else closest in line (except the Russian guys behind us) had been there for 3 hours--I don't even know where their line was since we came in through the Science Museum. So we had the best seats in the IMAX theater just by chance. I've never been in a movie where once the movie began everyone was so dead silent. Cool. Boy that was a ride, and seriously, it is an awesome movie. I can't wait to see it again.
Then when we hit the light of day again we realized we were in the middle of the Bite of Seattle. Food everywhere. We spent the afternoon at the "Fresh Impressionists" exhibit at the art museum. Full day.
Still can't believe we were first in line. I feel like the biggest geekiest fangirl ever.

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Mike said...

Sasha and I saw it today (Sunday) and I agree. It was pretty awesome. I assume some of your readers haven't seen it yet, so I'll save my questions and comments for a later time to avoid spoiling.