Sunday, August 31, 2008

And She's Gone (sort of)

DC discontinued their Catwoman title, and I'm sad.
Catwoman is not the most heroic of DC characters, but she's definitely one of the most interesting. For Selina Kyle, life is very gray. She operates on both sides of the law depending on the situation and sometimes just on her own whim, but she usually has a solid reason behind her actions.
Catwoman #82 came out this week and it was anticlimactic, but kind of expected, and very in character. Not much of a plot for the farewell issue: a little self-analysis, working through issues by involving Batman and off into the sunrise (in a very fitting vehicle, I might add).
I will very much miss Adam Hughes' covers (at right is his rendition of Selina's last ride). In fact if there is a Catwoman in the possible 3rd Nolan Batman film, she should look the way she looks on Adam Hughes' covers. Tall order, because she'll have to be able to act, too. There has been consistently good artwork in the Catwoman comic book, and I hope the artists all move on to titles that I am already reading. There has also been very decent storytelling--starting with Ed Brubaker and ending with Will Pfeifer. Ed's over at Marvel writing Captain America. I'm still waffling about whether I'm going to invest in his storylines there. If I add Marvel titles to my reading list, I may have to get a second job. We'll see where Will Pfeifer ends up. I think he's writing Blue Beetle for now.
I just wanted to say good-bye. I know we'll see Catwoman around (she's featured in the current run of both Batman Confidential and Detective, but it won't be the same. Ciao Bella, you'll be missed!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Catwoman, and Batman, and such...My dad had HUSH lying on the coffee table so of course I picked it up and read it. i just finished, and it is so confusing. I don't get how Clayman or whatever his name is, does his work. I mean, how did he replace the position of Tommy Elliot that night after the opera? And what about when he impersonated jason Todd? DId he mean to disinegrate like that? And is Tommy really dead, or is Claydude Tommy dead, Then bandage Tommy is dead, but is it really him? I JUST DON'T GET IT! You probably don't either, I'm not making a lot of sense. This is a comic I will have to look over. PLOT OVERLOAD!!!

Gillian said...

Clayface can morph into anything. He can also turn into a mud puddle and easily ooze away. And Tommy Elliot is definitely alive and starring in Detective comics right now. It is complicated, but Hush is an amazing story and Jim Lee's artwork is phenomenal!