Saturday, August 16, 2008


This sketch is inspired by Spot, because his tail is all black and his rump is all white, and it looks like someone could have glued his tail onto his body. I'm tagging this mixed media because it's pencil and ink. There was very minimal digital clean-up. There is some amazing art at Illustration Friday. I can only aspire to some of the fabulousness there. Go explore!

Aren't you curious which Orange brother from Beware the Red Radish was responsible for the detachment of the tail? Was it Dr. Orange fooling around or his evil twin, Dr. Valencia?


Anonymous said...

Love the expression on the cat's face--like this is not happening to him but to some other being.

sandymichelle said...

aweee poor lil pussycat, cute little drawing, and great idea for the theme :)