Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So...this is not in the Beware the Red Radish continuity, per se.... I drew this for Illustration Friday. I thought I'd branch out, kind of. I labelled it there as digital & comic book, since I pencil and ink on paper, but then scan and color in Paint Shop. This week's theme is "Sail," although I think Garlic would call it "Surveillance." (Look for Julie's paintings at Illustration Friday, too.)


Liann said...

I finally had time to go through and read all the Beware of the Red Radishes. Very Funny. I love the grape SWAT team. The socratic discussion was a funny one too. Ahh so true---but you forgot the favorite discussion quote--or maybe it is jus a primary thing "my (insert pet) died"

*daisy said...

Cute! I love Garlic's expression : )