Friday, December 19, 2008


It's supposed to be clear and cold today, but it's overcast and snowing. Most schools in the western part of Washington started their winter breaks early. Some earlier than my district, which gave us clear-but-cold Wednesday off for fear of snow later in the day, and then made us go to school yesterday while it snowed and then froze, making getting home a little hairy. (FYI native Washington drivers: trying to pass someone on the right up a steep and very slippery hill is nothing less than moronic.)
Now, I realize my friends and family in Colorado and Minnesota are rolling their eyes, but snow and ice in Washington is always a big disabling deal. Temperatures under freezing, especially for longer than a week, are unusual, and ice and snow is always dangerous to drivers who never learn....
So I'm glad to be home watching the birds and the snow...or my new big tv.

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