Saturday, December 13, 2008


Raccoons were the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the theme for Illustration Friday this week: rambunctious. Above are raccoons rambunctiously dancing on my roof, as they often seem to do late at night. Below is a panel I snicked from a July story in my comic strip of typical raccoon rambunctiousness as well. I could have drawn birdbath-tipping, tag-playing, tree-climbing, cherry-throwing.... Raccoons=rambunctious!


Anonymous said...

That's not Rambunctious, that's a Happy Dance!

And under Games Raccoons Play, you left out Apple-Stealing (I'm sure there are more).

Love the suffused light of the moonlit sky (what self-respecting raccoon would be out in broad daylight?) and the way the shingles are colored.

Valaine said...

Raccoons are awesome :) I love this!

Anonymous said...

This is quite awhile after this post--10 days in fact--but I just had to mention that we had two raccoon bandits tip over two of our bird seed cans on the back porch and even our presence at the door window didn't make them back off while they scarfed up the millet and sunflower seeds. They looked exactly like the one in this bottom picture, right down to the "I dare you to do something about it!" defiant expression.