Sunday, December 21, 2008


Our "big" storm wasn't as bad as they thought, but some places had the predicted high winds and some places got the new foot of snow. We got 4 new inches topped with a crust of freezing rain. And I see it is snowing again now...rather heavily. Too cold for big fluffy flakes, instead we have icy powder that permeates the air. NOAA called it "ice fog" yesterday on their weather page for my area. I prefer a fellow Northwest blogger's term: Snowpocalypse.
By the way, that's my spectacular Nootka Rose behind the pine tree needles. Those rosehips are huge! I wish its neighbor Nootka Rose would follow suit!

This picture of an arborvitae is a little blurry, but shows the snow well.

I still have half a pot of chili and plenty of dvds to see me through until the roads are clear and/or all the idiot drivers have wrecked their cars.


Anonymous said...

what does snowpocalypse mean??
-miss rodentia

Gillian said...

An apocalypse is widespread destruction or disaster, and given how disastrous snow is in our region "snowpocalypse" is humorously appropriate.

We have less snowplows and sanders than you do--and more steep hills.