Saturday, March 8, 2008

Anti-Villain Goo Trial Run

Yesterday was a planning day, which means it was a full day of meetings--one big meeting actually. So now I have several Red Radish strips to scan and color. I'm trying out inking over my pencils. We'll see how this works.


Julie Fillo said...

My goodness, Gillian, you've been hiding your light under a basket! I had no idea! The other time I commented on your blog and said post all the time and you said it's not going to happen, I believed you, and look what you've been up to!!
These really tell a story! And the expressions on the faces! TOO amazing!
I am also surprised that you have such an antipathy to ranch dressing.


Gillian said...

I didn't think I would post all that much, and then there was that unbridled burst of "Radish" hostility at a staff meeting in February....