Monday, March 24, 2008

What News Captions Should Say...and Shotweed Sucks

This one speaks for itself.
In other news: I forgot how large my lawn is. Especially when there are copious raking and picking up of giant pine cones to do. But I love my new mower! It's quiet! And I can push it with one hand! And I can turn it on just by grabbing the lever! And it's pretty! And I haven't run over the extension cord yet!

I only managed to mow the front and half of the side yard, but the tallest grass is mowed. And by the way, shotweed is a scourge. I refuse to put chemicals on my lawn, so I will have to endure as the shotweed takes over the world!

And then my neighbor from across the street offered to remove my embarrassing downed-branch pile which I was intending to make into firewood but then never even used my wood-burning stove this winter. Neighborly! This isn't a neighbor I've talked with much in the last 13 years, so it was even more neighborly. I used to work with his brother-in-law at one of the Elementary schools I passed through. Anyhow. Nice of him.

One last thing: UPS, I love you! My mower came while I was at work and when I pulled into the driveway, the large box was concealed from view. It was not at all obvious. I just think that it is nice that they make the effort to keep deliveries from waving at passersby and calling out, "Steal me!" At least the drivers that deliver to my house always tuck stuff out of view...apparently no matter how large.


Anonymous said...

This is the ultimate in delusion--some family member ALWAYS says about the psycho mass murderer, "He was always such a good boy..." They never add, "...just waiting, apparently, to explode and reveal to the world what a nasty abusive childhood he had."
Next time you are seen looking pensive in the produce section of Metropolitan Market, people will wonder what you are dreaming up now.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this one! --Bailey