Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Student X

Yeah, and believe or not, I also am thinking, "OMG this is so stupid!" whenever Student X turns on the whine.


Anonymous said...

The panel says it all for teachers everywhere.

Shouldn't that be "Student Xs" because sometimes a class has more than one (just so they can feed off each other and make the teacher's life even

My life became simpler when the principal assured me I had the right to refuse to take a pupil, just as students had the right to choose not to have me. Just the power of knowing I could do that made me feel better...and oddly made those difficult students more tolerable, though no less difficult to reach.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaahaha this one is funny to me everytime I love the "mascot" on her school sweatshirt. --Bailey

Anonymous said...

She seems annoying.....hmm..thats the point, yes?