Sunday, March 23, 2008

I heart you, too

I'm very grumpy today. I'm having one of those days where it's a good thing my head is attached to my body or I would have left it somewhere. Actually, I have those days a lot and they are all called "morning."
So here are two things to be thankful for:
1) I've had Spot for 10 years and only noticed recently that one of his spots is heart-shaped. So while he's sitting on my lap (his favorite place to be), he's showing me that he loves me. Aaaaw.
2) It's cherry-petal-snowing season. One of my favorite things about spring is walking under an ornamental cherry tree that is snowing pink. It just makes everything better.


Amy said...

I'm a smidge grumpy, too... where has the weekend gone? I realize there's only one week til spring break, but I fear it's going to be the longest week ever!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh cherry tree snow season is my favorite too! --Bailey