Saturday, April 19, 2008


I thought I'd have time to maybe sketch out some Red Radish strips while proctoring the big test this week, but instead found I was too busy trying to keep the early-finishers from disrupting the take-their-timers. Nothing like having a student cough "Hurry up!" while others are writing away diligently. And even though I've been giving this test for, what, 10 years now, I had again forgotten how incredibly exhausting it is just to give, not to mention surviving the afternoons with test-weary students who are climbing the walls. So Radish suffered. Meanwhile, Garlic finds the perfect lair behind a tall fence and under a mound of ivy.

Also thanks for the shout-out, Geektress girls! I hope NY Comic Con is fun. I'm actually planning to go to the Emerald City ComiCon this year. It should be an adventure! And I'll be getting back to you about the Batman storylines. I find I really have to pay attention to Grant Morrison's story or I'll miss something I need to know later on.

Next week: More of the dreaded state test. Blech.

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Amy said...

Looooooove the purple cat-eyes! And raspberry is pretty darn cute, too...

ECCC panels are up- which ones can you NOT miss?