Monday, April 21, 2008

Just 3 things to say

1. Pleeeeeeeease make it stop being winter in the Pacific Northwest! Snow? Hail? Miniature snowball showers...? This isn't Colorado! Where're the gentle April showers? Where's the sun?
2. Migraines suck.
3. Go look at this (unless you're squeamish about dead bird parts or super anal about a clean nest): Portland's Raptorcam I got to see the chicks getting fed earlier today. Way cool.

There should be a new Radish up tomorrow. I managed to come up with a few ideas while my kids were vegetating, um, I mean reading and checking out books during our library time today. I should be able to get them inked while the kids are testing.


Anonymous said...

You have library time? Not in my district.

Migraines do suck. Glad I outgrew them.

Sunny and warm in Colorado today.

Gillian said...

I have to sign up to take them to the library. We go for the last half of the class period about every other week. There was one year where a former administrator made it clear that there was no need for Reading classes to go to the library (why would kids in a Reading class need access to books?), but fortunately that era has passed.