Saturday, April 5, 2008


Apparently there has been some Goat experience in this community. Is it worth letting a super-villain free to take care of the menace that is the Red Radish and Garlic? I think when they did it on Superman: The Animated Series, it didn't really work out very well. But on Justice League Unlimited the villains were helpful versus Darkseid--after they unleashed him.

btw Mayor Peach was hard to color...and if you visited earlier, he was quite different. I'm happier now.


Anonymous said...

So,Pearil is out of a job? I can just see him coming in, saving the day because of the silly goat. But surely this will have a twist. Right? Did the onion cut itself? It's leaking tears. Where did Mayor Peach come in earlier? I can't find him in any of the other posts. How would the Goat react to the Anti-Villian Goo? Comment on you later!
--Auntfan & Rodentia--

Gillian said...

1. Patience, patience.
2. Onion is very upset about the thought of Goat being let loose.
3. I posted this one very early this morning, then later I went back and re-colored Peach. So if you were up earlier this morning, you saw a version of Peach before the edit.
4. Goat would probably use Anti-Villain Goo as salad dressing....

Anonymous said...

Questions about this comic:
How are you coloring these? Are you airbrushing?
What does K.V.F. stand for? V for vegetables? F for Forking? Frequency? Fun? How do they control the Goat? Can they control it? By the way, Cherry has pretty cool coloring and a nice round shape. Yum!!
Patiently waiting,

Gillian said...

I fill in the solid colors and then I spray paint the shading (on my photoshop that's the fuzz soft paintbrush). I sometimes do the shading on a different layer (that's how I finally did Peach). I wish I could say I'm an expert by now, but I tend to do it differently every time.

V for vegetables, F for fruit. It's their tv station call letters (with apologies to the real KVF out there).

Cherry is my favorite so far.

And about Goat: Will they let him loose? Is it too dangereous? Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Radish. You're SO accomidating to citizens words and needs.