Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Poor, poor Lima Bean.
Another Dark Knight Viral campaign is underway...Operation Slipknot. I'm behind the curve on this one. Too much testing: Brain addled.


Anonymous said...

Wait, i'm a little confused... What's happening in the last panel? I just watched Home Alone 2 today, and you gotta feel sorry for those two Bandits. Like, OUCH!!!!!!! The pigeon woman is just like the bird lady who sings "Feed The Birds" in Mary Poppins. Ta-ta for now!
--Aunt Fan--

Gillian said...

Poor little Lima Bean is suffering the effects of a microfork tipped with a paralyzing chemical, and Dr. Valencia surprises Radish with a 4th chemical-tipped microfork that bursts into flames. He was nice enough not to light Lima Bean on fire. If you click in for the close-up: yellow=paralyze, orange=flame.