Monday, April 14, 2008

Where Can I Get a Can of Goo String?

Didn't you just know Garlic had a pink phone?...and Pear reads Superman comics?

Wish us all well, folks. Tomorrow we embark on two weeks of the dreaded state test. May our scores climb at least somewhat. The pressure is on!


Amy said...

I sure hope those scores improve, too. Omg, 2 kids worked on the writing wasl the ENTIRE day! I mean, like, with one break to grab lunch and then right up until the bell at 2:20! And there were several others who were "working" until about 2:00 (I say "working" because, when I went in there, they seemed to be just staring at extremely large dictionaries in front of them). On the one hand, I think, wow, they're REALLY taking their time and checking their work, yet on the other, I think, hmmmm, normal kids do not take that long, and maybe they have no idea what they're doing. I guess we'll find out in Aug/Sept. It's really going to be a struggle to go to work tomorrow.

p.s. What is Orange drinking? Is it a magical potion that "turns" him evil?

Gillian said...

Maybe those kids just had fabulous ideas about how to answer that particular prompt. Maybe they'll grow up to be educators and act on them.

That is Dr. Valencia. He is holding a beaker of chemical concoction for fork tines. Tranquilizing? Paralyzing? Necrotizing? Zombifying? I should probably stay away from something really gross...or it could just be cherry cola.