Friday, February 20, 2009

Burning Instinct

I went with the first thing that came to mind when I read the Illustration Friday theme this week.

You see, Wednesday night I had a little kitchen incident. I grabbed a dish I had just pulled out of the oven, and I burned all five of my fingers--3 kind of badly. It was pretty stupid, and it caused me a very sleepless night and a day of pain, which thankfully has subsided now.

But this isn't an illustration of that event. This is my worst burn: The time I tripped over the cord to our electric griddle/frypan while my brother and I were making pancakes. The pan fell, and by instinct, I reached out to catch it. I burned my entire right palm and a fair amount of finger, if I remember correctly (it was...a long time ago).
Given my recent event, this is what popped into my mind for instinct.

It might not have been so traumatic at the time if the pain and pancakes actually talked.

Also, I haven't had much time to cruise the many illustrations over the last few weeks' themes, so I was very surprised and honored to discover this. Cool.


studio lolo said...

really funny cartoon for such painful memories! Where would we be without humor?

Thanks for stopping by! Jeez, I had no idea my pigeon would stir up so much emotion. One lady has taken it to the max! (She likes pigeons tho!)

Coreopsis said...

Oooooh! Very funny! I have to admit that I've had this reaction too--that in the midst of the pain, I do still think about the thing that I was making. Dropping a whole pan of lasagna.

Anonymous said...

Ouch... ummm by the way what kind of pancakes were you and my dad making???? Splinky the space cat is cool!!!
-miss rodentia

Gillian said...

Regular ol' pancakes.

Anonymous said...


Raindrop said...

that sounds really painful. I have luckily never gotten a very bad burn, but I can think of other painful occurances. Have you seen Across the Universe? I am watching it with a friend, and I think it is interesting.
I like the pattern on the shirt in the picture. I wish I had a kitten.