Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They're Baaaack!

Both the Portland Raptorcam and the West Virginia Eaglecam are up and running!! The red-tailed hawks don't seem to have eggs yet, but the eagle pair has two that were laid over Presidents' Day weekend. I wanted to watch the Eagles build their nest, but I'm not sure there are pictures of that since, according to their biologist observer, they built their nest in its old location (not the one they used last year), and the camera had to be moved. Anyway, exciting! There is also news of the eaglet from last year who is apparently still recovering successfully from the effects of avian pox. Yay!
Be warned--the Raptorcam still has the intro-ad that startles me everytime with its sound.
BTW: Eagle pictures snicked from the posted 2-17 slideshow on the WVEC website. Thanks Eaglecam guys!

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