Sunday, February 8, 2009


Time. When I thought about this theme, I immediately thought about how sometimes time moves quickly and sometimes it seems to slow down to just a crawl, and how those dragging moments of time seem so much larger than the bits that fly by. I thought about what makes time slow down. I tried to remember all the things I've done that sped by. There are a lot of books in there.... Then I realized that what was in my head was beyond the capabilities of my 'hobby' status of artist. So here it is. I did this in black and blue ball point and struggled while my scanner didn't pick up the lighter shading. So much to learn.

Time can be such a gift. And what spirals out of that gift are all the little moments that make life full but fleeting, punctuated by those yawning slow parts, including anticipation, which often leads to a gift.


Coreopsis said...

Not reading your description of the process that went into this, but just looking at the picture, this is such a heavy thing. This one box starts with anticipation, but all the other things that spiral out of it--whoa! The little blue pictures--all the stuff in the meantime, are happy--the playing and trips and fishing and sewing and love and food, etc., but they're all tied together by those big heavinesses, those overwhelming heavinesses.

I really like this, because it got me thinking, and NOW I'll go back and read what you wrote...

Indigene said...

I love the combination of words, fonts and imagery!