Wednesday, February 4, 2009


OK, what I really wanted to draw was an empty glass--flawed because it contained no beer. I also thought of trying to capture what my head feels like with a migraine. Flawed turned out to be a harder theme than I thought it would be. So here I have a little sketch of my kitty, Myrna. Myrna has asthma. She took some medicine for a while that made most of her teeth fall out. So she has one fang. Does this make her flawed, though?

Black cats are hard to draw. They are almost impossible to photograph. Perhaps the flaw is in even trying to capture her beautiful fur. Hmm.


Coreopsis said...

I thought this topic was really hard too. I did what seemed like a zillion little sketches, and NONE of them actually showed what I wanted to show. I tried to work three of them out, and hated two out of the three, and sortof like the one I posted, but even that doesn't REALLY do what I wanted it to do.

I really like this sketch though--the black on black, and those big eyes!

Gillian said...

Exactly! Everything I thought of wasn't working on paper. Interesting exercise to finally pick something and go with it.

Myrna really does have big eyes. At least I feel like I captured that bit of her. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Myrna lost her teeth? I've seen her yawn, shes got teeth!some. Did you mean shes only got one fang and thats it or she just got one FANG and shes got other teeth too? I like this one Myrna is so cute

Gillian said...

Myrna has about 8 teeth including her one fang. She remains adorable even so.

Anonymous said...

ah well i like the picture alot anyway