Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I thought a truffle, being such a delicacy, would be a delicate but talented citizen of Insalataville. Can Truffle lead Pearil to the lair? Or will the odd and overpowering mixture of odors do her? ...him? in?

Truffle is my first character with actual texture. Of course you have to click to enlarge to see it. Learn more about paint shop every day.


Anonymous said...

Yes he's trying to kill him or yes thats the trail i need to follow???

Gillian said...

Yes, that's the trail, and No, he's not trying to kill him...but Pearil's a little flustered, so he seems confused!

Raindrop said...

I do like Truffle's texture. Interesting choice for a food detective... by the way, where is it's nose?